Round photo of Wesley Gibbard

Wesley Gibbard is a freelance web developer with a background in electronics and software. He has programmed in a variety of languages on different platforms, giving him a good all-round understanding of software design. Projects completed include a number of websites, a web application for monitoring devices in the process automation industry, a business timesheets system, a departmental tool for tracking test progress and results, and complex spreadsheets for assisting with administrative tasks.

He has worked in various organisations in a variety of roles, including Software Development, IT Support and Quality Assurance and has experience of being a departmental leader as well as a team member. Through this he has gained knowledge of the requirements of many work environments from a user’s perspective, and the difficulties experienced when the right software tools are not available, sometimes leading to his creation of custom tools. He designs applications with the user in mind, because he knows what it is to be a user.

Aside from computers and software, Wesley also has experience in setting up, running and maintaining audio-visual systems and is a pianist. In his free time he enjoys walking, woodwork and listening to music. He is married, has a daughter and lives in Malvern, UK.