Wesley works with a graphic designer who creates artwork and content for the web and also specialises in search engine optimisation and writing copy. Together they can design and build an attractive and functional site to suite your budget and requirements.

Examples of websites built by Wesley

Already got a website? The Internet is an ever-changing place, and perhaps your existing site needs a fresh look or some added features. Wesley can work with you to bring it up-to-date using the latest web technology.

Maybe you want your own personal site, so you can write a blog or upload photos for friends and family to see. Why not have your own domain name and a nice site without any of those adverts found on free ones? Domain names and hosting are probably cheaper than you think!

For more information, see questions about websites.

Custom Web Applications

Advances in web technology have made it possible for many ‘traditional’ software applications to be replaced by web applications, which can be more versatile and accessible, as well as being easier to install and maintain. A web app is a single software package that is installed on a server and is accessed by an unlimited number of users through their browsers, thereby reducing the need to install client software on users’ individual machines

If you have a business system which needs replacing, you may want to consider a web application, custom made for your purposes. Examples of such systems are:

  • Hotel booking (with interfaces both for staff and for web-site visitors)
  • Change-request systems
  • Staff planning and rota-making
  • Any system where multiple client machines connect to a server

IT and Business Support

If you require advice on choosing off-the-shelf software or you need someone to install and configure it, Wesley is available to do do this.

In case you cannot justify the cost of a dedicated piece of software for your small business, he has experience in using standard desktop tools such as spreadsheets to partially automate tedious tasks, e.g. creating staff rotas, maintaining stock records, or creating invoices.

He can also help with general I.T. problems, which are often easily solved by someone who has a bit of experience. Don’t spend precious money on having something repaired or replaced that may not even be broken. Wesley will provide an honest service, doing only what is necessary to solve the problem.

Get in touch using the online contact form. Wesley will provide a free initial consultation and a free, no-obligation quote for your project. He can offer discounts for charities and churches, as he knows that not everyone has an endless supply of finances.